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2020 wasn’t the way most of us expected it to be. In fact, it turned out to be a rather difficult year for a lot of people all over the world. One wouldn’t want to relive the events of year, no? Perhaps that’s not true, especially when it comes to a particular game.

The 2020Game, developed by Max Garkavyy, is worth a visit. It’s a free-to-play web-based side-scrolling game somewhat similar to the classic Mario game.

The game is based on all the events that happened last year. The developer has tried to implement all the key happenings of 2020 in a lighthearted and fun way.

It’s a creative game with well designed graphics and has 10 minutes of gameplay. And not to forget, it even has some ‘LOL’ moment as well.

The game talks about all the key happenings from Covid-19 spread, people rushing to stores to grab the toilet papers to USA elections race and vaccines. There’s also a small TikTok dance in the game.

As already mentioned, the game has been developed by Max Garkavyy over the period of six months.

The developer has also left a cue for what we can expect from his next game at the end of the game. The end sequence shows about 2021 where it shows zombies, alien ships and even dinosaurs.

It’s a web-based game and works on both PC and touch screen devices.

Click here to give the game a try.

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