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Google Chrome is omnipresent — phones, laptops or tablet — and is by far the most used internet browser in the world. Chrome commands almost 70% market share ahead of other browsers. Despite its vast popularity, Chrome isn’t flawless and has its fair share of cons as well. There are aspects in which other browsers fare better than Chrome and if you are looking to replace Google’s browser with others, here are some fine alternatives.


A browser very similar to Chrome but claims to be “three times faster than Chrome. Better privacy by default than Firefox. Uses 35% less battery on mobile.” Brave is based on the Chromium engine and has a very Chrome-like feel to it.

What’s better than Chrome: A built-in ad and tracking blocker. Using Brave means you won’t see too many ads on websites and tracking your data isn’t going to be easy.


If you are in the Apple ecosystem, don’t look further than Safari. It works very well across Apple devices, syncing of data is smooth and it remains heavily focused on privacy. On a Mac device, Safari is relatively faster than Chrome and remains as secure as ever. With macOS Big Sur Apple has adding a tracking feature which tells you what websites are tracking you.

What’s better than Chrome: Faster on Apple devices. Not to forget, it’s more secure in terms of sharing any sort of user data.


A browser available both on mobile and desktop, Vivaldi was created by developers who worked on the Opera browser. It provides end-to-end encryption when syncing data between mobile and desktop browsers. It also comes in with a built-in screenshot tool, which can be really handy.

What’s better than Chrome: More customisation options and better syncing of data.

Microsoft Edge

You would’ve laughed a couple of years ago if someone could you that Internet Explorer is their default browser. However, Microsoft moved to Edge and based it on Chromium. The result? A browser very much like Chrome and has similar features.

What’s better than Chrome: Uses much less resources — RAM primarily — than Google’s browser.

Mozilla Firefox

Firefox has been around for a while now and is the world’s third most popular browser. Over the years, it has built a reasonably good collection of handy extensions. It is also more privacy oriented than Chrome and relatively faster on mobile as well.

What’s better than Chrome: Privacy and also uses less RAM of your machine compared to Chrome.

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