7 apps you should not download on your Android phone to avoid scams

Customer care scams have become a major problem for internet users in India. In most cases, people search for the customer care number of a particular company on Google and then dials it to get support. The problem is most of these customer care numbers on Google search results are fake and operated by scamsters. These scammers force people to download remote desktop apps on their Android phones to carry out their scams. With very little knowledge about how remote desktop apps work on Android phones, the victims end up sharing their entire mobile screen to an unknown scammer, who secretly records the screen of victim’s phones to harvest bank or UPI login details along with OTPs.

Note that remote desktop apps are not malware and are in fact, very helpful if someone knows how to use them to monitor devices remotely. Lack of digital knowledge among citizens is what makes these useful tools help fraudsters. Also, note that an authentic customer care support team will never tell you to download any app to help you with a product issue. To avoid frauds, don’t download any remote desktop apps, particularly these seven popular ones.

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