amazon app quiz: Amazon app quiz January 4, 2021: Get answers to these five questions to win Rs 5,000 in Amazon Pay balance – Latest News

Online seller Amazon is back with yet another edition of its daily app quiz. As part of the quiz today, the e-tailer is giving the participants a chance to win Rs 5,000 in Amazon Pay balance. There is usually one winner of the quiz who is chosen via lucky draw. Results of today’s quiz will be announced on January 5, 2021.

For those unaware, Amazon app quiz starts daily at 8am. The quiz offers gifts like smartphones, smartwatches, speakers and other gadgets. The daily quiz ends at 12pm noon. There are five questions to the quiz with four options for each question. Participants have to choose the correct answers to all five questions to become eligible for the prize.

Here are five questions of today’s quiz that can help you win Rs 5,000 in Amazon Pay balance.

  1. Jallikattu, India’s official entry in the International Feature Film category at the 93rd Academy Awards, is made in which language?
  2. Hassyan Clean Coal Power Plant, the first coal-based power plant of the Arab Gulf region, is located in which city?
  3. What organisation’s name would complete the title of this book: “Going Public: My time at ____” written by UK Sinha?
  4. Parisians often refer to this monument as “Laa Dame de Fer”, which means what?
    The Iron Lady
  5. These graffitis are dedicated to which famous painter?
    Salvador Dali

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