Amazon app quiz January 20, 2021: Get answers to these questions to win Rs 10,000 in Amazon Pay balance – Latest News

Amazon daily quiz on app offers a chance to win Rs 10,000 in Amazon Pay balance today. The quiz starts daily at 8am and continues till 12pm.

The daily quiz comprises of five different questions. These are based on general knowledge and current affairs. To win the quiz prize, a participant must answer all questions of the quiz correctly.

Each quiz question has four options. A participant has to choose the correct one. There is usually one winner of the quiz. He/she is chosen via lucky draw.

Here are five questions of today’s quiz along with their respective answers that can help you win Rs 10,000 in Amazon Pay balance.

  1. ICGS Saksham was built by Goa Shipyard Limited for whom?
    Indian Coast Guard
  2. What kind of service is eSanjeevani deployed nationally by the Ministry of Health & Family Welfare?
  3. The lotus, the peacock and the banyan tree will be the main themes for what building, being constructed by Tata Projects Ltd?
    New Parliament
  4. They are the only big cats that live in groups. What is the group called?
  5. By what name do we know this statue better?
    The Thinker

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