Amazon app quiz January 8, 2021: Get answers to these five questions to win Rs 15,000 in Amazon Pay balance – Latest News

Amazon is back with yet another dose of its daily app quiz. The e-tailer is giving the participants a chance to win Rs 15,000 in Amazon Pay balance as part of today’s quiz.

For those unaware, Amazon quiz comprises of five different questions based on general knowledge and current events. The quiz starts daily on Amazon at 8am and runs through 12pm.

Those participating in the quiz must answer all questions of the quiz correctly to become eligible for the quiz prize. Each question has four options. One must select the correct answer out of these options.

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There is one winner of the quiz whose name will be chosen via lucky draw. Name of the winner of today’s quiz will be announced later in the day.

Here are five questions of today’s quiz that will help you win today’s prize.

  1. Which country operated the Hayabusa2 mission that recently returned to Earth with samples from Ryugu asteroid?
  2. Which institute of repute is located in a historical building called “Bapu Bhavan” in Pune?
    National Institute of Naturopathy
  3. What kind of competition is ‘Vendee Globe’ that happens every 4 years and lasts for about 75 days?
    Yacht race
  4. Which country is this airline from?
  5. Also known as ‘Bibendum’, identify this popular mascot for a multinational company
    Michelin Man

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