Amazon may soon launch a sleep-tracking device with Alexa support – Latest News

E-commerce giant Amazon is reportedly going to launch a new device that will help users to enhance their sleep.

A report by Business Insider cites an internal document that reveals that the codename of the device is “Brahms.” Said to be an Alexa-enabled device, it is claimed to assist users in tracking and detecting sleep apnea using contactless technology.

The report further adds that the prototype of the device is said to look like a standing hexagonal pad connected to a metal wire base and be small in size — palm-sized to be precise. As for the mechanism of the device, the report states that it is expected to use “millimeter-wave radar to track sleeping and breathing patterns of individual users and detect subtleties in their movements that could come from stoppages of breathing associated with sleep apnea.”

The upcoming sleep-tracking device is also likely to be able to connect to other devices and send notifications through a separate app.

“Amazon expects to leverage its advanced machine-learning capabilities and cloud infrastructure to build out a deeper sleep-analysis program that covers other sleeping disorders, one of the people said,” adds the report.

As of now, there is no word on the expected launch date of the device and it remains to be seen whether or not it will come to India.

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