America’s two favourite ‘Christmas day smartphones’ for 2020 same as in 2019 – Latest News

NEW DELHI: Americans’ love for the iPhone is not going to die anytime soon. According to analytics firm, Flurry Analytics for two consecutive years among the top 10 smartphones activated on Christmas Day nine of them were Apple iPhones. As per Flurry Analytics, iPhone 11 and iPhone XR are the two most favourite iPhones of Americans.

In the year 2019, the most affordable of the iPhone 11 series — the Apple iPhone 11 dominated the smartphone landscape by representing 15.4% of all new Apple devices activated and 6.16% of all smartphones activated between Christmas and New Year’s Eve. Along with this, Apple’s 2018 iPhone XR, which was the dominant device leading up to Christmas Day in 2019, comes in at a close second with 13.2% of all Apple devices and 5.27% of all smartphones.

List of top 10 smartphones for the year 2019

List of top 10 smartphones for the year 2020

Talking about this year, the iPhone 11 was the most activated device on Christmas day, with activations 5% higher versus the 7-day average between December 18 to December 24. In the case of the iPhone XR, the number of activations on Christmas day was relatively equal to the trailing 7-day average, meaning it was not necessarily a popular gift for Christmas, but remains a popular smartphone for Apple customers.

the success of past years’ models—notably the iPhone 11 and iPhone XR—may demonstrate that American consumers were more price sensitive this holiday season.

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