Co-WIN COVID-19 vaccine mobile app not yet live, beware of fake download links – Latest News

In order to effectively help people register and deliver the vaccine, the government has announced a new app called ‘CO-WIN’. To get COVID-19 vaccine in India, people will have to register on the app, upload necessary documents and get necessary details.

While the app has been already announced by the government, it is not yet available. So, do not search for the Co-WIN app online or on Google Play just yet as you may be directed to download a fake app.

The Co-WIN platform will most likely be made available very soon and the government will officially announce the launch of the app. Until then, note that the entire Co-WIN platform is not functional yet.

Meanwhile, the Co-WIN website is already live and can be accessed at “”. While the homepage asks for registration, note that it is not yet operational.

The Co-WIN platform will be used for recording vaccine data and will form a database of healthcare workers. All COVID-19 related data necessary for the delivery of the vaccine is presently being uploaded on the CO-WIN platform.

The website will have separate modules for administrator, registration, vaccination, beneficiary acknowledgement and reports. Once people start to register for the app, the platform will upload bulk data on co-morbidity provided by local authorities.

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