Facebook employees ‘warned’ not to wear company branded clothes in public – Latest News

Ever since US president Donald Trump’s supporters stormed the Capitol building in Washington DC, social media platforms have taken strict action. This action has been taken against Trump as well as some of his supporters. Now, fearing backlash, social media companies seem to be warning their employees. According to a report by The Information, Facebook has told its employees to be careful in public and not show in anyway they work for the company.

“In light of recent events, and to err on the side of caution, global security is encouraging everyone to avoid wearing or carrying Facebook-branded items at this time,” Facebook told employees in an internal memo said without apparently mentioning Trump by name. As per the report by The Information, the warning was posted to an internal message board to company employees. While the memo doesn’t really mention Trump or his followers, it does suggest that employees might be harassed if they are seen in public being associated with Facebook in any form.

Facebook has banned Trump from its platforms, including Instagram at least till January 20 — the day Joe Biden takes over as president of the US. Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg in a post on the social media said that it was too risky to let Trump use its platforms. “We believe the risks of allowing the President to continue to use our service during this period are simply too great,” he wrote in a post on his Facebook page. “Therefore, we are extending the block we have placed on his Facebook and Instagram accounts indefinitely and for at least the next two weeks until the peaceful transition of power is complete.”

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