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Internet search giant Google has announced a new feature for its voice-based AI support — Google Assistant — called Guest Mode. The feature aims to let users control their privacy on devices that are powered by AI.

The Guest Mode can be turned on by a command “Hey Google, turn on Guest Mode,” and all the commands after this will not be saved to their account. Till the time the Guest Mode is on, it will not show any personal results like calendar entries or contacts.

Google will denote the turning on of the Guest Mode with a special chime and for smart display devices, it will show a guest icon on the display. Google Assistant has also been tuned to respond to “Is Guest Mode on?” to tell unsure users if they are currently using it right now or not.

Readers must note that while Google won’t show personal results through Assistant, however, other Google services — such as Maps or YouTube —that are used with Google Assistant may save your activity related to those services. Also, other providers’ apps and actions, like media or smart home services, that you use with Google Assistant may save your activity related to those apps and actions.

Features that work with Guest Mode on


You can do actions like play media, control your smart home, and get local info, like weather.


Most actions in routines will work, like alarms and smart device controls, but won’t include personal results.


Features that make announcements on the device, like Broadcast and Family Bell, will work.


If you’ve set up household contacts, you and anyone in your home can still see those contacts on your Smart Display and call them from supported devices.


If you’ve set up Photo frame on your Smart Display, your photos will still show.

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