Google Chrome 88: Google Chrome will soon tell you which passwords are weak – Latest News

Internet search giant Google has announced a new feature that will be part of the next Chrome update — Chrome 88. The company will roll out improved password protection support by allowing its users to easily fix weak passwords with this Chrome update.

This version of Google Chrome will come with a simple check of identifying any weak passwords and take action easily.

To do this, users will have to click on their profile image and then click the “key” icon. As an alternate, they can also type or paste this URL — chrome://settings/passwords — in the address bar. Here, they will have to click on ‘Check Password’ and Chrome will open a page showing compromised and weak passwords. Within this window, users will see and be able to change weak or compromised passwords easily.

The update is being rolled out on desktop and iOS first and will come to Chrome’s Android app soon.

In its blog post, Google also mentioned that Chrome’s Safety Check is used 14 million times every week and after the “improvements launched in 2020” it saw 37% reduction in compromised credentials stored in Chrome.

The company also revealed that Android users will soon get Chrome on iOS-like biometric authentication for secure password filling.

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