Google may revamp split-screen support with Android 12, claims report – Latest News

Google is going to revamp the split screen feature — that allows users to use more than one app at a time — for Android smartphone users, according to a report by 9to5Google.

The report claims that for the next Android version, Android 12, the internet search giant is working on a new version of split screen called “App Pairs.”

“According to information viewed by 9to5Google, Google is working to bring a full revamp of the split screen system in Android 12 with a new feature called “App Pairs.” Where the current split screen system effectively “pins” one app, Android 12’s App Pairs system will group two apps together as one “task,” said the report.

This means that with the Android 12 operating system version, users will be able to select two apps from the recently opened section to create a pair. Once they are paired, users will be “able to easily swap to using a different single app and then swap back to the pair you created.”

The report claims that the App Pair will also come with a divider to allow users to not only adjust how much of the screen is taken up by each app but also allowing them to quickly swap the positions of your two apps via a double tap.

This feature, along with other upcoming Android features, should be live with the Android 12 rollout and its first Developer Preview is expected to be rolled out around mid-February as that was when the first Android 11 Developer Preview was rolled out.

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