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The latest and final title under Hitman 3’s World of Assassination trilogy series is now live.

The game is available for download on all the major platforms including Xbox Series X|S, PS5, Xbox One, PS4, Nintendo Switch and Google Stadia.

Here’s everything you should know about the game.

Hitman 3: Pricing
Hitman 3 price varies based on the platform you are on. The Standard edition on Playstation Rs 3,999 while the Deluxe edition on PS costs Rs 5,699.

One Xbox, the Standard and Deluxe editions cost Rs 3,499 and Rs 5,249 respectively.

On PC, the game is even cheaper and is timed-exclusive on Epic Games Store. The Standard edition costs Rs 1,419 and Deluxe edition costs Rs 2,129.

Hitman 3: Difference between Standard and Deluxe edition
Both the editions include the base game. Deluxe edition, however, comes with Deluxe Escalations, in-game items, suits as well as digital soundtracks.

It will also include next-generation free upgrades.

Hitman 3: Can someone upgrade the Standard edition into Deluxe edition

Yes, that’s possible. Users can upgrade their Standard edition to Deluxe by buying a Deluxe pack.

The pack is available on all platforms. On PC, it costs Rs 1,899, while console users will have to shred Rs 2,913 for the pack.

Hitman 3 PC requirements: Minimum
OS: Windows 10 64-bit

CPU: Intel Core i5 2500K 3.3GHz / AMD Phenom II X4 940

Graphics: Nvidia GeForce GTX 660 / AMD Radeon HD 7870


Storage: 80GB

DirectX 12

Hitman 3 PC requirements: Recommended
OS: Windows 10 64-bit

CPU: Intel Core i7 4790 4 GHz

Graphics: Nvidia GeForce GTX 1070 / AMD Radeon RX Vega 56 8GB


Storage: 80GB

DirectX 12

Hitman 3: Download size
The recommended space required for the game on PC is around 80GB. However users only download around 55GB of the game. The console versions of the game weigh around 60GB.

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