Honda warns UK output could be temporarily halted due to supply problems

LONDON — Honda said potential parts shortages might result in the automaker needing to temporarily halt production at its British factory, where it builds the Civic car, due to transport-related delays.

“Whilst a number of measures are being taken to mitigate any disruption, there could be a temporary pause to production to enable any supply issue to be resolved,” the company said in a statement.

Spokesmen for the company did not immediately say whether the issue was related to Brexit.

Talks between Britain and the European Union to strike a free trade deal by the end of the year have been unsuccessful so far with companies warning about the risk of severe disruption if there is no agreement.

Transport between Britain and mainland Europe is likely to face some disruption even if there is an agreement before the transitional arrangements expire at the end of the year.

Honda’s factory in Swindon, about 80 milesĀ east of London, built just under 110,000 cars last year. Honda is closing the plant permanently next year as part of a global restructuring.

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