How to generate a QR Code using Google Chrome for Android for websites

A lot of times you may have found yourself scanning a Quick Response (QR) code to proceed ahead with a process but have you wondered how you can generate such QR codes that are not only shareable, but also makes them head to specific websites?

The process of generating such QR codes to link to desired URLs is as easy as scanning them. Here we tell you how to go ahead with generating QR code for a website via Google Chrome using an Android device. Before you can use your Android device to generate QR codes for any website, you will have to enable two settings using the Google Chrome app and here the steps for the same:


Type “chrome://flags” in the address bar on the top


Type “sharing hub” in the search bar


Tap on the drop down box on the Chrome Sharing Hub feature and select “enabled”


Clear the search bar on the same webpage and now search for “QR code”


Tap on the drop down box Chrome Share QRCodes feature and select “enabled”


Tap on “Relaunch” from the bottom of the screen to bring into effect the changes on Google Chrome

Readers must note that these are required to be done only once, which means that users will not have to repeat them before creating any new QR code for any website.

After doing the aforementioned steps, here is what you need to do to create a QR code of a URL using Chrome for Android:


Head to the website you want to generate the QR code for


Tap on the address bar


Tap on QR code from the share sheet that pops up at the bottom of the screen


Download this QR code to share with others

The feature is currently supported for Google Chrome app for Android and the Chrome app for iOS doesn’t support the same.

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