Intel has got a new ‘hater’ after AMD impresses – Latest News

The latest to join the list of people criticising Intel is none other than Linux creator Linus Torvalds. He has recently shifted to a 32-core-based AMD Threadripper 3970x machine after being a loyal user of Intel processor for over 15 years. Torvalds is known to build his own computers on which he develops Linux and after making the shift, he is happy that he made the switch.

“I’m personally very happy with AMD these days. I used to absolutely despise their horrible bulldozer cores, but I think they’ve had a home run with their Ryzen series and their chiplet approach. Not just because they fixed their cores, but because their chiplets made it so much easier to do the scaling they do and offer close to that “twice the cores for twice the price” model,” wrote Torvalds in a forum post by Real World Technologies.

He also mentioned that AMD processors offer more value for money and a more “ecological choice.”

“If you actually need the CPU power, the Threadripper is likely the more ecological choice. Sure. it’s higher power, it’s harder to cool, but if you get twice the cores and actually use them… The other thing that bothers me with the Threadrippers is that they seem to be equivalent to the Xeons from Intel,” he explained.

Talking about the price comparisons between Xeon and AMD Threadripper he said, “I used to look at the Xeon CPU’s, and I could never really make the math work. The Intel math was basically that you get twice the CPU for five times the price. So for my personal workstations, I ended up using Intel consumer CPU’s.”

Justifying his choice of opting the AMD Threadripper, he mentions, “The AMD Threadripper pricing is much closer to “twice the price for twice the CPU”. Yes, you end up paying more for the accoutrements (MB and cooling), but that’s pretty much in line too. So yes, it ends up being more expensive, but if CPU power is what you want and need, the expense is pretty much in line with what you get.”

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