Lohri WhatsApp stickers: Happy Lohri 2021 – How to download and send Stickers and GIFs on WhatsApp, Signal and Telegram

Lohri is celebrated today and people must have started wondering about wishing their friends and family.

Now, there are several ways to do that. The best one is meeting them in person and celebrating the festival.

However, keeping the ongoing pandemic situation in mind, it’s better to avoid that or do it by abiding social distancing norms.

Another option is to send stickers, GIFs and images using instant messaging platforms like Signal, WhatsApp and Telegram.

Wondering where to find Lohri Stickers for WhatsApp and Signal or GIFs and send them, follow our step-by-step guide.

How to download Lohri Sticker pack for WhatsApp


Open Google Play Store and search for Lohri WhatsApp Stickers


Download any sticker pack and install


Open the sticker packs and add it to WhatsApp by tapping on ‘Add’ or ‘+’ icon


Once done, head to WhatsApp and open any chat window


Head to Stickers section, look for the Sticker pack you’ve added


Tap on any sticker to send

How to download Lohri Sticker pack for Signal


Head to any chat window and tap on ‘+’ icon at the right side of the textbox


Choose GIF and then select Stickers


Now, click on the search bar and search for Lohri


From the search result, tap on any sticker to send

How to download GIFs, emoticons and GIFs

On WhatsApp:

On Signal:

On Telegram:

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