PS5: Bad news for gamers: Sony PlayStation 5 Digital Edition and select accessories won’t be available in India on launch day – Gaming News

As we all know Sony launched two versions of PlayStation 5 — the regular one with disc and a digital version without disc. And it’s not bringing the latter to India at least on the launch day.

After delaying the launch by a couple of months Sony is all set to launch its next-generation gaming console — PlayStation 5 in India on February 2.

However, the company is launching only the ‘Disc Edition’ of the gaming console on its launch day. The Digital Edition won’t be available in time for launch.

In addition to that, that Dual Sense charging station, HD camera and PS Headset will also be missing the launch, according to the claim by a Twitter handle ‘Is PS5 Out in India Yet?’

Tech website has also reported that they have verified the same via their sources at retail and the claims by the Twitter handle appears to be correct.

The tech website further reached out to Sony seeking information on why the Digital Edition and select accessories won’t be available during the launch window and here’s what Sony replied

“PS5 Digital Edition and select peripherals (Dual Sense charging station, HD camera and PS headset) will not be available in the launch window. Please monitor our official channels for updates on release dates.”

This means only PlayStation 5 Disc Edition, DualSense controller and Media remote will available for purchase in India at the time of launch.

In related news, the pre-orders for PlayStation 5 disc edition will go live on January 12 via both offline and online retails stores including Flipkart, Amazon, Sony flagship stores and more.

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