Smartphone users spent a lot of money on apps this Christmas – Latest News

The year 2020 will be known as a lot of new things, one of which apart from the global pandemic will be the record spending on mobile apps and games. In November, the entire spending on mobile platforms surpassed the $100 billion mark for the first time in history and the spending spree continued till Christman as well. According to a report by SensorTower, smartphone users from around the globe spend around $407.6 million on mobile apps and games including both Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

In 2019, the total spending was around $303 million which roughly translates into 34.6% year-over-year growth. In 2018, total spending on Christmas was just $249 million, a 11.3% short from 2019. Here’s a small chart depicting how the spending behaviour changes over years on Christmas.

Source: SensorTower

The SensorTower report also mentions that most spending came from mobile games which surprisingly saw a boost of 27% compared to last year’s Christmas. The total spending was around $295.6 million this year compared to $232.4 million in last year. The major contributor in the gaming department is the Tencent’s Honor of Kings which alone saw the spending of around $10.7 million which is approximately 205.7% growth compared to $3.5 million in 2019.

The year that when people spend $100 billion on mobile apps and games

The year 2020 saw a major shift in-app and games spending behaviour globally, of course, some of them are due to the ongoing pandemic situation. But, that led several apps and games to top the most grossing, most downloaded and other category charts and also the total spending of whooping $100 billion globally.

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