Snapchat’s camerakit comes to ShareChat’s Moj – Latest News

ShareChat’s short-video app Moj has partnered with Snap Inc to integrate the US-based social network’s recently launched camera kit. The integration allows Moj to leverage Snap’s nine year investment in the Snapchat camera, bringing Snapchat’s AR capabilities and camera engagement to its users.

Moj creators will now be able to access Snapchat’s familiar Lens Carousel in the app when creating content, giving them a range of creative tools to elevate their videos. As part of the collaboration, Moj will develop over 400 lenses over multiple phases for its community to create more fun and entertaining short video content.

The parent company of Snapchat had last year rolled out new features and enhancements to its developer tools including Lens Studio, Snap Kit, Snap Games, and Bitmoji ecosystems. Snap allows developers to add its camera with augmented reality capabilities to their apps. For the launch, Moj has released over 30 Lenses for its community to use.

To use the Lenses, Moj users simply open the app and tap the Camera tab at the bottom of the screen. Moj will also have a verified Brand Profile on Snapchat, allowing Snapchatters to access Moj created Lenses, with a link to the Moj app. The Lenses launched include classic Augmented Reality face Lenses so creators can express a variety of moods, as well as 3D Full Body tracking Lenses that creators can use in their dance videos.

Gaurav Mishra, SVP-Product, ShareChat said, “It has been our constant endeavour to create benchmarks of innovation and build camera technology for the future. This exclusive partnership makes us the first Indian short video platform to bring Snap’s innovative Camera Kit technology to India. The newly launched collection of 30 Lenses will give our community a never seen before social experience and make content creation on Moj a whole lot more fun. We are supremely excited about this collaboration and look forward to our creators making magic with these advanced Lenses and their original ideas.”

Commenting on the partnership, Ben Schwerin, SVP – Content and Partnerships, Snap Inc. said, “We are thrilled to collaborate with the team at Moj – our first Camera Kit partner in India. The Moj community and Snapchatters have a lot in common – they are creative and love finding innovative ways to express themselves. Our Camera technology and core values around creativity, privacy, and ephemerality enables us to help developers bring new opportunities to bring engaging experiences to their platforms and communities. We are excited to see how content creators in India play with these lenses and unlock new levels of creativity.”

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