Valentine’s Day online fraud: Fake website of jewellery brand and more

With Valentine’s Day coming, online scams related to the day have been on a rise. Fraudsters are using email, social media channels and instant messaging platforms to fool people, especially online shoppers, with fake websites, offers, discounts, vouchers, gift cards and more related to Valentine’s Day. According to a CheckPoint report, as people are shopping online there has been observed a surge in malicious phishing email campaigns. Here’s about a viral fake website campaign and more



Fake website of international jewellery brand Pandora

This is how the fake website of the international jewellery brand Pandora looks like.



Prices in dollars

The fake Pandora webpage has jewellery prices in US dollars to make it look genuine. There’s also a US address at the bottom. The small giveaways that it is not a genuine website are that the year given at the bottom has not been updated to 2021 and the company address is written in lower-case.



Check for this email

The email address — xwxrp@langqicyu[.]wang — and the webpage — www[.]pcharms[.]com — that it redirects to are not related to the brand.



Email subject: Valentine’s Day Give The Gift They Really Want

There’s grammatical error in the phishing email’s subject line: Valentine’s Day Give The Gift They Really Want.



Fake offers from Tata Group on WhatsApp

Tata Group has warned users of fake messages circulating on WhatsApp and other social media channels with links claiming gifts and vouchers from the group. Mumbai Police too warned of such messages.

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