valentine’s day whatsapp stickers: How to download and send Valentine’s Day WhatsApp Stickers in six easy steps

Despite the backlash due to the new privacy policy, WhatsApp is still the go to medium to communicate with friends and family. The Stickers feature of the instant messaging platform is also widely used to send wishes and greetings on special occasions.

So, if you are planning to send Valentine’s Day messages to your loved one using WhatsApp Stickers and wondering where to find these stickers, follow our step-by-step guide:

Working internet connection

The latest version of WhatsApp

Steps to download Valentine’s Day WhatsApp Sticker


Open Google Play Store and search for Valentine’s Day WhatsApp stickers


Download any sticker pack from the list


Open the Sticker pack, choose the stickers and tap on Add or ‘+’ button


Confirm by tapping ‘Add to WhatsApp’ button again


Now, head to WhatsApp -> open chat window -> Stickers section and look for the sticker pack you’ve just added


Tap on any sticker to send

Steps to get Valentine’s Day stickers on iOS

Apple does not allow its users to download third-party sticker packs. So, to get stickers on iOS, use any Android smartphone and download sticker packs there. Now, forward some stickers to yourself via WhatsApp.

Add them to Favourites. Now, you can share the stickers with any other chats you want.

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