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If you get a message on WhatsApp that claims to show the storage details of your account, you do not need to panic. Your smartphone has not been hacked, nor is your WhatsApp account. According to WABeta, such messages have been doing rounds on WhatsApp and aim to fool users and extract money from them.

“If you receive any message like this on WhatsApp, you aren’t hacked. It’s fake. Please don’t panic. And if they ask for money, just ignore, report as spam and block! It’s very important, so please RT!” goes the WABetaInfo tweet.

WhatsApp too warns users about similar hoax messages. According to the instant messaging platform, these messages may come via WhatsApp or email. “Unwanted messages from unauthorized third parties come in many forms, such as spam, hoax and phishing messages. All these types of messages are broadly defined as unsolicited messages from unauthorized third parties that try to deceive you and prompt you to act in a certain way,” says WhatsApp on its FAQ page.

The company also shares these four warning signs of such fake messages:

* The sender claims to be affiliated with WhatsApp.

* The message content includes instructions to forward the message.

* The message claims you can avoid punishment, like account suspension, if you forward the message.

* The message content includes a reward or gift from WhatsApp or another person.

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