Where To Buy the PS5 on Launch Day and Beyond

The PlayStation 5 is hitting shelves on November 12 — well, digital shelves, at least, since Sony is confining sales to online orders only for now. That makes it particularly important to find the right spot online to buy the PS5 before other eager gamers snap up all the stock. So, where should you head to if you want the PS5 ASAP? These are the top stores to keep an eye on in the weeks to come.

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PS5 Console and Remote

Available on launch day


Walmart is taking the interesting step of staggering orders in batches throughout the day starting on November 12. That means they’ll have new stock hitting their site at 12 p.m., 3 p.m., 6 p.m., and 9 p.m. EST. That makes Walmart an especially smart option if you won’t be able to make the first rush to order your console, and need to wait for later in the day. Walmart also has robust in-stock alerts you can use to make sure you’re updated when a new wave of stock hits. Take a look at the best Black Friday PlayStation deals for more info.

PS5 Disc Edition – $499

PS5 Digital Edition – $399


Target also offers a 2-year warranty via its Allstate protection plan ($63), but otherwise doesn’t offer any additional deals. Target’s online store is a good second option since it’s a bit more likely to stay in stock longer than places like Amazon. Furthermore, in an online ad, Target confirmed the PS5 will be available online at some point on November 12. We suggest keeping an eye on the site at 12 a.m. EST, as well as throughout the day.

PS5 Disc Edition – $499

PS5 Digital Edition – $399


Newegg may not be a household name like Target or Best Buy, but the retailer remains a powerhouse in the electronics space. The online retailer — known for offering steep discounts on everything from computer components to video doorbells — will have the PS5 available for purchase online at 12:01 a.m. ET on November 12. Stock is limited to one per customer, however, we imagine that any stock will be hard to come by.

playstation 5 controller ps5

Available on Black Friday


Gamestop is one of the only sites that is also offering PS5 bundles that include a bunch of extras in one order. The Ultimate Bundle gives you a DualSense Charging Station, Pulse 3D Headset, year of PlayStation Plus, and a $100 PlayStation Store gift card for $759, which is a pretty nice deal if you want to get everything set up at once. The Advanced Bundle, at $749, offers an alternative that includes an extra controller, a year of PlayStation Plus, and two games — Spider-Man: Miles Morales and Destruction All-Stars. Both bundles have their advantages, but they’re also likely to sell fast.

As far as guaranteed stock goes, Gamestop will reportedly have a limited number of PS5 consoles available for in-store customers on November 27.

PS5 Disc Edition – $499

PS5 Digital Edition – $399

Best Buy

Best Buy is a great choice if you want to add two-year protection through a Geek Squad warranty. This helps cover repairs for things like dust damage, spilled drinks, power surge damage, controller replacements, and other things. It’s a good choice for more boisterous households. Also, financing options are available if you have a Best Buy card. The retailer will also supposedly offer the PS5 both online and in-store during Black Friday, if it’s online ad is to be believed.

PS5 Disc Edition – $499

PS5 Digital Edition – $399

Available at an unknown date


Amazon’s stock is sure to go fast, so you should have your hand on the refresh button to prepare for this one. Otherwise, you can sign up to get email alerts for when the PS5 is in stock. Amazon is also a particularly excellent place to add accessories like charging stations, cameras, extra controllers, and more.

PS5 Disc Edition – $499

PS5 Digital Edition – $399


B&H is another good alternative to set up in case your first pick goes out of stock too quickly. It has simple and effective stock alerts and fast buying options.

PS5 Disc Edition – $499

PS5 Digital Edition – $399

Sam’s Club

Sam’s Club is a strong choice if you already have a membership and want to earn rewards/loyalty points for your purchase. Sam’s Club is also having plenty of November sales that make it a good choice for all-around Christmas shopping while you’re there.

PS5 Disc Edition – $499

PS5 Digital Edition – $399

What about eBay?

Yes, the PlayStation 5 is available on eBay thanks to a variety of sellers confirming pre-orders and then setting up their own product pages for a sort of pre-pre-order. However, we don’t really suggest going the eBay, especially not in the beginning.

First, arranging an early purchase through an eBay seller isn’t exactly reliable, even with eBay’s various protections and rating systems in place. Shipping alone could be a headache, and there’s no easy way to prevent individual eBay sellers from running out of stock or getting in over their heads (or running scams).

Second, eBay sellers are charging a premium to get out ahead of the first sales. Arranging a PS5 purchase through eBay is likely to cost you at least a few hundred dollars more, which isn’t exactly a great deal. If you’re determined to keep eBay on your list, turn to it only after your other options have been exhausted.

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