YouTube now supports voice commands to search videos – Latest News

Google-owned video streaming service YouTube has added a new functionality to its website that allows users to operate the platform via voice commands.

YouTube shows a microphone icon next to the search box and clicking on it for the first time will ask users to grant the permission to access the microphone. After this, when you click on this, YouTube will open a box at the top of the screen that says “Listening…” and detects what you are saying to give users relevant results.

The support to look for relevant results through voice commands is not only limited to finding search results but also navigate through the platform as it operates on commands like “Show me my subscriptions” or ”Show me my library” as well.

YouTube voice commands support is rolling out on the web for signed-in as well as logged out users, claims 9to5Google.

Just this week, YouTube also added a new page format for videos that include hashtags. Previously if a user searched for a hashtag or clicked on a hashtag on YouTube, they would see a combination of content using the hashtag in the video as well as other related content.

Now, however, anyone who searches for a specific hashtag on YouTube — either the desktop or mobile app — will see a dedicated page that only contains videos with the hashtag, which YouTube claims are sorted to keep the best videos at the top.

“You can also navigate to these pages by clicking into any automatically linked hashtag you see on YouTube,” said YouTube. “We’ll continue to make more updates to hashtags on YouTube in the future so stay tuned for more from us,” added YouTube.

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